Employee Options

Great way to motivate a team. It works simply: the founder promises to give the employee shares if he or she works in the company for a certain time or reaches the KPI. Sometimes employees are given not shares, but some virtual shares - a "phantom option". If the value of the company rises, then the employee will be able to sell their "live" or virtual shares. If the company becomes profitable, then the employee can continue to own shares and receive dividends on them or on their equivalent in the form of a phantom option.

This section lists the services that Larmann Legal provides to companies and employees, as well as leaving useful content on the topic and listing the experience of the firm.
Options Services
Development of option programs for LLC, Corporations, Public companies, investment funds, holding companies with a complex structure of legal entities
Advising option recipients on the options offered to them, taxation and reporting
Completing and filing tax returns for option recipients
Resolution of disputes arising out of option programs
Creation of educational content, adaptation of existing option programs that are cumbersome and incomprehensible to employees

Firm Experience
Option Programs
Implemented options programs in dozens of companies.
Motivation of the Staff of a Public Company
Adapted the motivation programs of a public US company for a better understanding by the employees.
Options for Top Management
Advised top managers of one of the largest Russian banks in relation to the options offered to them.
Option Program in Munich
Implemented an option program in a startup based in Munich, Germany.
Option Recipients
Advised numerous option recipients of startups and publicly traded companies in developed markets (USA, UK, Australia, Germany) in relation to options offered to them, taxation and reporting.
Dispute with an US Company
Successfully defended the interests of the recipient of a phantom option on the shares of an US company in a dispute with it.
Dispute with a Holding in Cyprus
Successfully defended the interests of the recipient of options for the shares of a holding in Cyprus in a dispute with the holding.
Educational Activities
We held a webinar dedicated to staff motivation for the most famous venture capital portal in Russia (VC.ru).
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