Mergers, Acquisitions (M&A), and Joint Ventures

When the parties combine their efforts to enter a new market or to produce a new product, then we are talking about joint ventures. But if a larger player buys a smaller one, buys out its assets to embed in its own business, or lures a team to itself, then here we are talking about M&A.

This section lists the services Larmann Legal provides in these areas, as well as providing useful content and listing the firm's expertise.
Services in M&A and JV
Creation of joint ventures with and without the establishment of a legal entity
Support in the reorganization of companies
Support of transactions for the buyout of assets and the team
Accompanying transactions for the acquisition of companies
Obtaining approval by antitrust bodies
Franchise launch
Firm Experience
M&A on the Buyer's Side
Legal due diligence and full support of a transaction for the purchase of an advertising service by one of the largest media holdings in Russia in the amount of $5,000,000.
M&A on the Seller's Side
Full support of the transaction for the sale of a developer of IT solutions for digital healthcare in the amount of more than $9,000,000.
Acquisition of Assets on the Startup Side
Protecting the interests of a startup in a deal to develop software for a leading retailer in Russia.
Repurchase of Assets on the Investor's Side
Full support of the transaction for the development of software and the alienation of exclusive rights to it for an US project from the diamond industry.
Joint Venture
Accompanying the creation of a joint venture with one of the largest oil companies in Russia and subsequent participation in it (including obtaining approval by the antitrsut body).
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