Relocation Services

We started relocating businesses abroad and helping with the relocation of employees to a new place of residence even before it became mainstream.

This section lists the services that Larmann Legal provides in these areas, as well as the firm’s experience.
Relocation Services
Consultations in relation with personal relocation
Consultations in relation with business relocation
Selection of jurisdictions, tax arbitration between them and assistance to HR departments
Assistance in obtaining a visa for digital nomads
Help with company registration

Company experience
Relocation of business and transfer of employees
Since February 24, 2022, we have conducted more than 300 consultations on personal taxes, advised more than 20 companies on business taxes in relation with relocation.
Countries covered
More than 15 (Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Greece, Indonesia, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Dubai, Israel, new countries are in line).
Selection of jurisdictions, tax arbitration between them and assistance to HR departments.
Since February 24, 2022, jurisdictions have been selected for more than 10 companies. Among them are both small game studios and public Western companies with more than 700 employees in Russia.
Selection of jurisdictions
Larmann Legal takes into account first of all the needs and business realities of the client and is based on the analysis of many factors (taxes, the cost of registration and annual maintenance, the price of relocation of employees and production, logistics, the possibility of obtaining a residence permit for yourself and employees, etc.).
Visa processing
We helped a Western public company to issue visas for digital nomads and obtain a residence permit in the most popular countries for relocation.
Company registration
We help with the registration of a company in various countries.
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Managing Partner