Venture Deals

Termsheet, due diligence, capital increase, convertible loan, SAFE, shareholder agreement, liquidation preferences, and exit - these are the things that immediately come to mind when it comes to venture deals. Larmann Legal accompanies investments in startups at any stage, both from investors and startups, and will help you understand the nuances of terminology.

This section lists the services that Larmann Legal provides in this area, as well as leaving useful content and listing the experience of the firm.
Services in the Venture Industry
Full support of startup funding rounds
Settlement of relations between the founders and with the team
Preparing a startup for legal due diligence and due diligence for investors
Registration and structuring of funds
Structuring investments as part of syndicates
Assistance with entering other markets
Startup advising and board membership for investors, founders, or team
Development of an exit strategy for an investor, founder, or key employee of a startup
Firm Experience
Valuable Rounds
Full support of funding rounds for startups developing scooter sharing, video streaming technologies and online education, with a total value of over $15,000,000.
Smaller Rounds
Full support of funding rounds for startups developing an advertising service, a ticket platform, and crypto technologies.
Rounds in Unusual Industries
Full support of funding rounds for startups developing robotic order picking from online stores, agrofood, unmanned aerial systems.
Relationships between Founders
Settlement of relations between the founders of the successful dark kitchen project.
Unique Documents
The creators of the first SAFE in Russia under the Russian law, under which one invested in an online product discounter.
Intellectual Property
Preparation of a cooperation agreement between the Russian Academy of Sciences and an US project developing neural networks and artificial intelligence in medicine.
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